December 13, 2017

Another ending… A new beginning

The festive time of the year heralds many different feelings for individuals, especially the ending of an old and bringing in of a new (New Year).

New Year can be a time of reflection, taking stock of what’s happened during our year, elements we are proud of, achievements, challenges faced, people we have or do not have in our lives etc.   It can also be a time of negativity for people.  New year can remind them of what they don’t have, what they still haven’t achieved and emphasis on sadness.

Certainly for me, New Year brings a mixed bag of feelings.  I enjoy spending it with people who matter to me, reflect on achievements myself and family have obtained, furthermore give thanks for the individuals I have in my life.  The other side of New Year is the pressure I feel!  I think about what I still have to achieve, what a I need to do and learn to develop myself , furthermore, realising what people I don’t want in my life to carry forward into a New Year.  I call this concept ‘cleaning out the closet’.   I’ve come to realise that not only do I shed the old to bring in the new via objects, but I also tend to do the same with individuals in my life, especially at this time of year.  Sometimes this can cause sadness, but in the long run change is vital for progression.

I also make a point of not setting New Year resolutions and prefer to see a new Calendar year as a continuum of what I’ve already set myself goal wise.  At the stroke of midnight on December the 31st I do not magically turn into someone new, nor does any of my problems disappear (although sometimes I wish they would).  Therefore, I prefer to gauge time as a consistent, rather than a sudden pressure to be someone or something I’m not going to be straight away.  Change takes time, progress, acceptance all take time, and this won’t happen within a minute from midnight to 12:01am.

To summarise, New Year brings about so many different feelings, expectations and pressures for many people.  Perhaps instead of seeing New Year as an expected “I have to change”, maybe view it more as a continuation of time.  This said, there is nothing wrong with having a good ole clean out, but see it as a progress for development, not just for January.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all.

VSP Development.