To make an appointment, please complete and submit the form below or call me on 07810 773963.

The Initial Consultation

Before any treatment can be undertaken I need to meet you for an initial consultation, this allows us both to meet and discuss what you would like counselling and/or hypnotherapy for. Also during this initial meet I will take vital details from you in terms of contact details and some detailed questions of your medical history.

Medical history is taken in order for me to work within my ethical guidelines and ascertain whether counselling and/or hypnotherapy is the correct therapy for you. Please be assured that all details given are kept in accordance with the data protection and your details are never discussed or passed on.

During this initial consultation please ask as many questions as you need, as I understand it can be a very anxious time for you especially if you have never had counselling or hypnotherapy before.

Within this session we will at this point discuss how many sessions I feel you may require and of course what you indeed want.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Depending on what you have come to hypnotherapy for will determine the course of action we will take. Every person is different so what treatment plan is set for one person might not be the same course you will take. However I will always make sure and work within the shortest time possible to help you reach your goals, and will always re-evaluate your treatment after every session.

These sessions are all about “you” therefore I encourage you to ask questions, give feedback and most importantly enjoy your treatment as much as possible. At times the subjects we may deal with can be upsetting or invoke feelings that you may have suppressed. Please do not be embarrassed at all this is perfectly normal and I’m happy to discuss anything with you.

Counselling Sessions

The sessions will be 60 minutes (either face to face or Skype Video Call) and will normally be at a frequency of once a week, time and day will be agreed upon. All information discussed during the sessions is completely confidential between therapist and client. Counselling is a time for ‘You’ the client to discuss feelings and emotions, decipher thought processes and analyse behaviours.

Please treat these sessions as an opportunity to explore your feelings in depth.

My Promise

  1. I promise to work within my ethical guidelines at all times.
  2. I will not Judge.
  3. I will always maintain a concern for my clients welfare.
  4. I will respect their personal rights and dignity.
  5. Uphold my professional integrity.
  6. Inform my client immediately if, in my judgment, you would be better served by another professional or an alternative/complementary means of reaching your goals.

Careful consideration is always given to every client that comes into session.