December 18, 2019

End of year reflection 2019

Coming to the end of another year often conjures up a reflective state in most people.  People have tendencies to look back over their year and consider all of the things they would do differently, encapsulating feelings of regret and guilt saying “what if’s and I should have….”.  However, given recent events in which I’ve had to endure myself, I feel a tendency to want to reflect more on the “what I have done’s…. what I’ve learnt” and most of all, how I can progress forward.

This year has been an incredibly exciting year for me.  I’ve travelled, passed some very big exams, professionally gone from strength to strength and paved the way for some very exciting new ventures leading into the future.  What have I learnt from this? I’ve learnt that I am capable of anything.  That hard work, determination and clear future vision, along with passion, can truly make things happen for you.  To quote from the famous philosopher Socrates;

“I think, therefore I am”

I truly do believe that mindset evokes this capability which seen me through some very professionally trying moments.  So therefore, like I explain to clients, if you truly think you can, you will!

I also explain to clients and students alike, that when someone tells me ‘I can’t’, what I actually hear is ‘I won’t’.   The words ‘can’t and won’t’ depict a ridged mindset, if you find yourself saying this a lot to yourself, and wondering why you aren’t seeing progression, try changing the words to ‘I will try, I can try’, this is classically a more open and flowing mindset.

Privately this has been, by far, one of the most emotionally tested years I have had to face in a very long time.    Now, I know what you are probably thinking right now – if she is doing so well professionally, why is she emotionally tested? –  Well, it’s all about being unbalanced.   I have found that putting my all into absolutely everything professionally has, in hindsight,  taken it’s toll upon my emotional structure.  You see, what I’ve learnt, and still learning at 37 years old, is that emotional balance is still key to being successful both professionally and emotionally.    I used an analogy to a client the other night whereby I described a very ruffled disposition as:

“As ruffled as a hen who is facing backwards in a hurricane” ….

Now, as I said that to the client and we both had a good laugh over it, I couldn’t help having a notion that I’ve just described myself there also.   So therefore, I’m looking upon this as a ‘what have I learnt’ moment.

Reflections and progressions of the heart constantly come up also, both in practice and privately.   The heart can be understood as both being open and guarded.  Both understandable states, depending on the situation and circumstance.  But here is one thing I’ve noticed.  Work with people, understand people and work professionally with an open heart.  An open heart and mind brings vision, open thoughts and clear sight.   An open heart gives you a glow and an approachability, showing your true passion to the world.  In other situations a guarded heart can help keep your emotional balance,  help against the ruffling of the feathers, not allowing others to take from you and not give back what you do deserve.  Again,  if you haven’t noticed, I’m signalling balance.

I’ve learnt this year that:

  1. You can’t make everyone happy
  2. You need to keep balanced as much as possible.
  3. Don’t regret what you’ve done, learn from it.
  4. If the hen is facing backwards and the feathers are ruffled, try turning into the direction of the wind instead.
  5. What you think you are, will manifest into what you are.  Nice open mindset.
  6. Your heart and emotions are precious, choose wisely where to invest them and whom to invest them in.
  7. Believe in yourself.

I’d like to take this opportunity in thanking everyone who has been in my life both professionally and privately.  For teaching me lessons and being by my side.   

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!