December 13, 2016

Coming to the end of a year… let’s take stock

As we approach the ending of 2016, I often find myself reflecting back over my year and taking stock of clients I have worked with and more importantly what I have learnt.

This year in particular it has struck home to me that nothing is forever, endings come in many shapes and forms and it can be very challenging for most people, including myself.  This year in particular has heralded quite a few endings for me, but also exciting new beginnings seeing me transition into working with shaping young minds and helping them with self-esteem and motivation values.

Two endings that I feel appropriate to discuss would be of two clients that I worked with, one long term and one short term, who sadly lost their lives to health conditions.  My long term client was truly an inspiration with remarkable stamina for life even when faced with a completely life altering disability. We worked together covering many different issues and watching them transition into a state of understanding and calm was truly special to witness, something I will always hold dear.  My short term client was by no means any less inspirational, I would have loved to of worked with them longer, but the time we did spend together allowed them to gain clarity and some identity back.   Both of these endings created a professional challenge for me, my head acknowledging their passing, my heart grieving for them.

I also completed some very happy endings with clients this year, watching them flourish to a point that they felt happy to end sessions.  This is always a wonderful thing to witness with clients and I get a sense of being able to open a cage door and allow that person to fly at last.

2017, is set to be a year of transition for me also, working more heavily with academia, developing tools for establishments to use to assist students.  I shall be continuing to study myself and further my knowledge in the psychology field.  Furthermore, I am sponsoring a sportsman, blogged about earlier this month, and continuing to work with him in reaching his goals.  Moreover, not to mention all of my existing and potentially new clients that I will have the pleasure of working with.

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking everyone whom I have worked with for the opportunity to work with you.  My thoughts are with the families and loved ones to the two clients that are no longer with us, to which I was truly blessed to meet.

Finally I would like to say how excited I am for what 2017 is going to herald for me and my clients.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.