February 10, 2015

Weight Loss & Food Management

This is a subject I feel very passionate about and therefore specialise in

If you have finally decided to take the bull by the horns and seriously look at your eating habits and get your eating in control then I can certainly help you with this.

The word “Diet” invokes many feelings, it can suggest sudden restrictions, no enjoyment and make you feel almost trapped into doing something.

So lets chuck the word “Diet” out the window for the time being. Lets focus on words like “weight control” and “food management” instead, makes the focus a lot less daunting doesn’t it?

The reason behind this approach is because I’m trying to help you change your attitude towards food so that your body begins to naturally lose weight, I want to permanently change your thought patterns and behaviour towards food and make you aware of your own “core benefits” to changing your food focus.

Within the sessions we will look at the reason why you have a poor relationship with food. Discuss techniques to help you deal with cravings and let you have the control over what and when you eat.

If you really are motivated and open to change then hypnosis for weight and food management can really mean not having to count calories, not having to weigh your food and not having to ban yourself from certain types of food (everything in moderation).

Your going to learn how to enjoy your food and know that when your full you stop eating and your completely satisfied with that decision.

As I am also a qualified fitness instructor I have used this approach on myself and others to successfully and permanently change my own thoughts and habits around food, and I can empathise with how you are feeling at the moment.

Please bear in mind that this is not a “quick fix”, you the client will have to work with me “the therapist” to achieve your goals. I cannot offer you a guarantee as you must have the willpower and motivation to want to lose weight and work on your eating habits.

Average sessions required: 4-6 depending on the individual.

(Note: An initial consultation will always be required before the first session takes place, this normally lasts 30mins. This allows me to have a chat with you about what your goals are and also take some vital details about yourself & health)

The 1st session

This session is always the longest and most thought provoking session for you. Within this session you and I will sit down together and complete a questionnaire to help us both recognise your pattern of eating and the feelings that may surround your cravings. The reason why feelings come into it is because whether you know it or not “being hungry” sometimes isn’t just normally the issue at play. Some people eat because they are bored, stressed, anxious etc or for others it can be attached to an emotional stimulus such as eating to compensate for loneliness, love, attachment, anger etc. Therefore it is very important we sit and discuss all of these feelings so I can choose the right treatment thats individual for you. We will then look at your core benefits specific to yourself for loosing weight or changing eating habits. This session is also great for you to bring up any questions you may have or dispel any anxiety you may have about hypnosis. Depending on time we may then finish off with hypnosis itself to begin the suggestion. You will be given thought provoking work at the end of this session to complete at home, this is for you to bring to your next session so we can discuss.

Subsequent Sessions

Within these sessions I like to start off by getting a bit of feed back from you, this is all valuable input and you will never be discouraged by what you have to say. We will then run over any work I had asked you to complete where possible at home. We will then delve into hypnosis work tailored directly to you!

Usually at the 3rd session we will discuss and re-evaluate how many more sessions you may require or indeed want to continue with.